The island Faial

Faial Island is an island of the Central Group of Azores. The Capelinhos Volcano, the westernmost point of the island, might as well be the westernmost point of Europe.

His second name "Ihla Azul" derives from the writnings of Portuguese poet Rauls Brandao, due to the large quantity of Hydrangeas that bloom during the summer months:

"The man that had the idea to border the road with these plants should have a statue on the island. In no other place, do they prosper better: they need a covering of light, humidity and heat...they are in their place. Their blue, is the blue that adorns the Azores on lipid days...this is a blue that is even more blue, the bunches of flowers of a colour more intense and more fresh. They are in every direction: rising along the roads and the fields forming hedges; they serve to divide the parcels and to cover the peaceful animals."

— Raul Brandão, As Ilhas Desconhecidas (1926), p.33

Escape the everyday world and find inspiration in our peaceful and tranquil natural environment that  is unbelievably beautiful and truly unforgettable. 

With 23KM  of dramatic coastlines, abundant marine life, protected forest parks, and  with endearing people.   This majestic island has long been a beloved destination for sailors, visitors and residents alike.


Horta City Tour:  

The city of Horta is a fantastic walking city with all of the points of interest within a short  walking distance.  The city can attract all types of travellers  who have a wide variety of interests with events occurring all year round and  above all, with so many delightful people.  One of the things that makes the city of Horta so unique and special is the artwork on the marinas walls that  tells a thousand stories, painted by visitors leaving their signatures for all to see.  

-Horta is a city with beautiful Portuguese architecture this is evident in every   which way a visitor turns. 


-From the decorative features on many urban buildings; ornate facades on the various churches; intriguing design of stone fortress walls; 

-To the narrow cobble stone streets in gothic style that naturally flow on to the black and white basalt pedestrian sidewalks which lines it´s entire city.  

-The city of Horta not only conserves its architecture but also it preserves its history.  The Museum of Horta houses unique collection of fig tree material models and early religious works of art.  And the Whale Museum provides a historical account of the former whaling industry.

-With events occurring in the city all year round, the city of Horta is definitely the best  place to be for experiencing true rich culture.  

-The  market comes alive during its outdoor party in November, 

-the commercial centre a buzz during the holidays with fireworks reflecting off of its beautiful Bay. 

-The neighbourhoods are the stages for children's Carnival parades; 

-the marina shelters the sailboats during their regattas in May 

-and the waterfront explodes in August during the Sea Week Festival.    

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